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    Hasko Welcomes New Employees

    Hasko Welcomes New Employees

    We are pleased to announce that we have three new employees to join the Hasko Industries LLC team.

    Hasko, Inc. Acquired By Iron Range Capital

    Iron Range Capital announces that it has acquired Hasko, Inc. and will operate under the name Hasko Industries, LLC. Hasko, Inc. was originally R. K. Haskew and started business in 1930 in Red Bank, TN buying, refurbishing and selling used woodworking equipment. Eventually, the company began to build its own line of “heavy-built” Hasko branded […]

    Cumberland Lumber & Manufacturing Company Quickly See Benefits of Hasko/EBI/Mekanika System

    Cumberland Lumber and Manufacturing Company quickly see benefits after the Phase I installation of Hasko/EBI/Mekanika System August 10, 2018 Phase I was installed in July and consisted  of an EBI “B” Scanner and Print System, Mekanika material handling and a new Hasko MPEM/C End Matcher. The turnkey system included all of the material handling equipment […]

    Haskan is Awarded Patent Protection

    April 4, 2018 Haskan is Awarded Patent Protection for its Ultra-Sonic Scanning Technology Haskan LLC is pleased to announce that it has received notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for approval of its Patent Application “Scanning System for Wood”. Haskan’s exclusive patented Triangulated Dual-Sensor, Non-Contact Ultrasonic Imaging technology will identify internal defects […]

    Boa-Franc go with Hasko FSM Side Matcher

           March 2, 2018 Boa-Franc, (Saint-Georges Quebec, CA), the manufacturing arm of Mirage floors has signed a contract for New Hasko FSM Electric Drive Side Matcher. Mirage, a leading manufacturer of prefinished solid and engineered wood flooring in North America has been recognized 1st for quality 32 times in the last decade on […]

    Cumberland Lumber & Manufacturing Company go with Hasko & EBI Electric

        Cumberland Lumber and Manufacturing Company go with Hasko and EBI Electric for Final Scanning, Grading and Defecting. February 17, 2018 Cumberland Lumber and Manufacturing Company have made a significant commitment to a major upgrade to its solid wood flooring mill in McMinnville TN. Collaboration by Cumberland’s team, Hasko and Hasko’s scanning partner EBI Electric […]

    HSBU Package Breakdown and Unscrambler

    HASKO offers complete solutions for your Lumber Material Handing and Automation needs. HASKO offers Package Breakdown and Unscramblers for: Flooring Plants Truck Flooring Plants Lumber Processing Plants Reman Lines Moulding Blanks Furniture Manufactuers Box Plants View Brochure    

    Hasko Teams with EBI Electric

    February 7, 2018 Hasko Teams with EBI Electric to Offer the Best of the Best in Scanning, Chopping and Integrated Automation. Hasko has found a partner in EBI Electric Inc. and has formed a strategic alliance that will allow us to fast-track our entry into the finish side scanning and grading of wood flooring. “We […]

    Randy Brooks Acquires 100% Ownership of Haskan, LLC.

    January 16, 2018 Randy Brooks president and co-owner of the scanning technology firm Haskan LLC, has acquired his partner’s (Dan Hamby) shares of the technology firm. Effective January 1, 2018 Dan Hamby has no ongoing formal affiliation with Haskan LLC. Dan is in the midst of developing an automated measuring system, Lidar Measurement System, through […]

    Some of the Latest HASKO Installations

    (December 2017) Bratex Hardwood Flooring – Ontario, Canada – Installation of Hasko MPEM-C End Matcher. (November 2017) Robusto Wood Floors – Lawrenceburg, TN – Installation of Hasko MPEM-C End Matcher. (November 2017) Buchanan Hardwood Flooring – Aliceville, AL – Installation of Hasko HSSM High Speed Side Master. (July 2017) Southern Kentucky Hardwood – Gamaliel, KY […]

    New Employees

    Hasko is proud to welcome our new employees: John Shannon Ronald Gwathney

    HSSM SideMatcher

    Hasko High Speed Side Master  Introducing New Machines for Solid & Engineered Wood Flooring from the Leading Provider of Technology to the Hardwood Flooring Industry. View Brochure Side Matching for Sawn Face Engineered Wood Flooring Side Matching for Plan-to-Zero Systems Up to 8″ Wide Faces Optional Top & Bottom Calibrating Heads Optional Hollowback Head     […]

    Increased Capacity

    Hasko recently added a new Mazak Vertical CNC machine to its lineup of equipment – this is our 11th CNC machine!

    HASKO Announces New FSM Electric Feed Retrofit Upgrade

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SODDY DAISY, TN — HASKO Inc., a Tennessee-based company that designs and builds the HASKO “Heavy-Built” line of industrial woodworking equipment, has announced that a new electric feed retrofit upgrade is now available for its HASKO FSM Match-Master. The unmatched production capacity, runtime efficiency and maintained accuracy of the HASKO FSM Match-Master […]

    Automated Strapping and Stacking

    Coming soon. Coming soon. Coming soon. Coming soon. Coming soon.

    Material Handling

    Our Automation and Integration Services Include: Complete turnkey rough-mill systems Optimized rip systems with Hasko board scanning system HASKO shifting saws, gang ripsaws, or fixed-arbor gang saws Custom electrical design, controls and system integration Complete engineered wood flooring lines Defecting systems and automated material handling to fit your needs Automated in-feed systems for solid and […]

    GNS Grading and Nesting

    HASKO Grading and Nesting Systems are designed to create a modern, less labor-intensive method of handling the flow of strip and plank flooring as it exits the end-matching system, as well as the grading, nesting, and shipping of the final product. Through automation and a touch-screen interface, a single station possesses sufficient capacity to grade, […]

    Hasko HSSC Chopsaw

    When the engineers at HASKO developed the HSSC Chopsaw, our goal was to build one of the best machines in the world for processing rough or planed hardwood and softwood. View Brochure The HASKO HSSC delivers the same reliable performance that customers have come to expect from Hasko equipment because of its robust design and rugged construction. It […]

    HSKS Kerfing Saw

    This machine offers a high-production alternative for machining-saw kerfs in the bottom of engineered flooring. It permits easy integration into existing production lines to eliminate labor and a variety of handling problems. The HSKS is an automatic high-speed kerfing saw for engineered wood flooring up to 50″ long x 2-1/4″-6″ wide with a thickness of […]

    HSSB High-Speed Side Beveler

    High Speed Beveling Machine (U.S. Patent No. 7,070,370) This machine was designed for machining a face-edge bevel or micro-bevel on unfinished square-edge strip flooring. Its unique, high-speed, opposed-head configuration maintains consistently accurate bevels on typically twisted and bowed strip flooring. Its stand-alone design enables manufacturers to upgrade previously designated inventories of unfinished square-edged strip without […]

    PTU Panel Trim Unit

    Panel Trim Unit HASKO offers panel processing machinery for engineered wood. The HASKO PTU can trim either length or width and comes standard for 48″ to 72″ capacity. Integrated into automated material handling systems, these machines can be configured to trim ends and split long panels if required. Built HASKO-heavy, the machines run in very […]

    PRS Panel Row Separator

    As new technology and improved processes continue to challenge pre-finishing lines, the HASKO PRS Panel Row Separator allows fully engaged panels to be loaded automatically, passed through sanding, then separated slightly to apply the finish. Manages the full panel throughout the system Provides the opportunity to reduce labor by automating the packaging process Reduces waste […]

    HSRF Shifting Guide Gang Ripsaw Feeder

    The HSRF Ripsaw Feed Table is an ideal complement to the SR-Series as well as most other 24″ to 36″ ripsaws. View Brochure The HSRF is a heavy-duty solution for high-volume straight-line gang ripping operations for any fixed-arbor ripsaw where there is a desire for optimization of board yield and/or target cuts. “Smart” board-sensing automatically […]

    HSSS Strip and Scrap Saws

    Automatic In-Line Strip and Scrap Chopper The HASKO HSSS cuts scrap-handling down to size for a simple, economical solution to an age-old problem. This machine reduces long edgings, shims, and other rippings into a manageable size to eliminate labor and a variety of handling problems. Developed for fully automatic in-line strip and scrap chopper, the […]

    SRMA Gang Rip with Shifting Saw

    The new Hasko SRMA ShiftMaster Gang Rip is a Heavy Duty, High-Speed Roll Feed Shifting Saw Gang Rip having approximately 18.75″ of usable saw area. A wide range of saw solutions can be obtained via the use of a Hydraulic Saw Positioning System. Saw solutions are determined based on customer specifications and inputs from Board […]

    SR Series Gang Ripsaw

    Fixed Arbor Gang Ripsaw The HASKO SR-Series Gang Ripsaw is widely known as the workhorse of fixed-arbor ripping operations and is available with arbor lengths of 24″, 30″, and 36″. View Brochure For high-speed straight- or curve-sawing of kiln-dried hardwoods at speeds up to 400 FPM, the HASKO SR-Series consistently rips more than 40,000 board […]

    HSLS Rip Optimization

    Rip Optimizing Scanning System The HSLS Rip Optimization System is one of the most simple yet accurate optimizing systems in the industry. It is designed to increase board yield while decreasing labor costs. The HASKO HSLS is a simple yet robust, cost-effective, rip-to-width solution that can improve overall yield and lumber utilization while optimizing production. […]

    MPEM-TF for Truck Flooring

    Adding the HASKO MPEM-TF End-Matching System to truck-flooring manufacturing lines greatly improves throughput and quality reducing labor. That’s why the top performing truck-flooring lines in North America run the HASKO MPEM-TF System. The Hasko Advantage End Matcher Buyer’s List The HASKO MPEM-TF system is configured for end loading of truck flooring blanks in pre-defected condition. This […]

    PF MPEM-C LP (Locking Profile)

    The HASKO PF MPEM C Locking-Position End-Matching System offers industry-leading production runtime efficiency and maintained accuracy and is run by the top performing flooring lines in North America. The Hasko Advantage End Matcher Buyer’s List The HASKO PF MPEM C utilizes a non-marking hold-down system and is specifically configured for the end-matching of pre-finished solid […]

    PF MPEM-C Open

    The Hasko Advantage End Matcher Buyer’s List The HASKO PF MPEM C utilizes a non-marking hold-down system and is specifically configured for the end-matching of pre-finished solid and engineered wood products. These systems are used for primary end-matching and to re-work systems after finishing. Major manufacturers have preferred HASKO pre-finished end matchers for years Rugged, […]

    HASKO XTRA is Semi-Finalist at IWF 2014 Atlanta

    Capacity: 7” wide X 1-5/8” thick Two Saws are cutting in one machine Feed Speeds: up to 1,000 Lineal Feet per Minute Accelerates from 0 – 1,000 feet per minute in 18 inches Feed Drive: (3) 9KW Servo Motor/Gear Boxes w/belt drive 15 – 40% faster than most Single Saw Machines Up to 50% faster […]

    PF MPEM-RW (Rework)

    The PF-MPEM is the latest HASKO rework end-matcher series. The machine is configured on a common frame that allows one operator to select either end to be end-matched without re-cutting a good end.

    MPEM-C EndMatcher

    The new HASKO MPEM-C’s clean, heavy-built design offers the best new features available for end-matching random lengths of solid and engineered wood available.

    HSFF Feed Table (Also see the new Hasko HSLF )

    The HASKO HSFF is a 6″ x 2″ capacity, high-speed, short-stock, hydraulically driven feed table for continuous feeding of random length strips to matchers and moulders.

    HSLF High Speed Lateral-To-Lineal Feed System

    Material-feeding solution for very high-volume manufacturing or specialty lines that require versatility.

    FXP-EF Strip Surfacing System for Scanning

    These units simplify the material-handling process when used as a pre-planer for scanning and finish-thickness planing. Machines can be configured for speeds up to 600 feet/minute.

    FSP-EF StripMaster Pre-Surfacer

    The HASKO FSP-EF Pre-Surfacer is designed to offer an innovative and cost-effective solution to the problem of surfacing low-to-middle grade hardwood strips.

    Innovations in the Flooring Industry

    Hasko is Part of a Strategic Alliance That Consists of Three Groups: Hasko Inc. Designs and builds machinery and systems for solid and engineered wood flooring plants. Hasko offers single machines and systems but more importantly complete turnkey solutions including plant layout, design, system and machine integration and implementation. Haskan Technologies Develops and provides wood scanning […]

    FSM MatchMaster

    Flooring Side Matcher Commonly referred to as “The King of Flooring Machines,” the HASKO FSM MatchMaster leads the industry in production, runtime efficiency and maintained accuracy. As factory prefinished flooring changed the wood flooring industry, their required tolerances have driven HASKO to be the manufacturer’s side-matcher of choice. View Brochure HASKO offers complete solutions for your […]

    The HASKO/Mekanika/Haskan 2500 Process

    View Brochure Solid Wood Floor Manufacturing System The 2500 Process utilizes proven material flow that is in most flooring mills by replacing labor for defecting best face/best edge orientation, grading and grade optimization with modern scanning and chopping technology. This technology is available for new mill installations or as an upgrade for existing plants. Most […]

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