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    Cumberland Lumber & Manufacturing Company Quickly See Benefits of Hasko/EBI/Mekanika System

    Cumberland Lumber and Manufacturing Company quickly see benefits after the Phase I installation of Hasko/EBI/Mekanika System

    August 10, 2018

    Phase I was installed in July and consisted  of an EBI “B” Scanner and Print System, Mekanika material handling and a new Hasko MPEM/C End Matcher. The turnkey system included all of the material handling equipment required for the line modifications.

    After 3 weeks in production the EBI/Hasko/Mekanika equipment are generating excellent results. Cumberland has seen a significant increase in the percentage of select grade and overall yield. Overall production is up and returns for re-cut are almost none existent.

    EBI’s commitment and singular focus on the hardwood flooring industry has resulted in scanning technology that competitors cannot match.

    If you are tired of training new chopsaw operators and graders, the solution is EBI “B” Scanner providing solutions for final defecting, grading and grade optimization, utilizing Hasko HSSC Automatic Chopsaw.

    The second phase installation will include two Hasko HSSC High Speed Automatic Chop Saw Systems. This will eliminate 5 manual cutting positions and more accurate cut positions are expected to see yield increases of 1%-3%.

    Cumberland installed a Hasko/Haskan Scan/Chop system for gross defecting before the Hasko Side Matcher in April of 2016.

    Cumberland continues to lead in technological innovation, as they may be the first firm in the U.S. flooring industry to utilize scanners before and after the side matcher.

    Benefits will include a significant grade and yield improvement and labor reduction at Cumberland’s two shift operation.

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