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    Contract Manufacturing

    HASKO is Committed to Dependable Manufacturing Services: Just Call 423-648-5200.

    Our In House Services Include:

    • Modern Machine Shop Services
      • Repair parts (new, used, reconditioned)
      • New OEM parts for many different industries
      • Custom repairs and upgrades
      • Wear parts for Hasko and other manufacturers equipment
    • Design Services
      • Latest CAD/CAM
      • Design for manufacturing services
      • Engineering services
      • Technical support
      • New design and upgrade parts and assemblies
      • Application evaluation
      • Custom machine design
      • Conceptual drawings
    • Electrical Services
      • Wiring
      • Cabinets
      • Programming
    • Fabrication
      • Welding
    • Painting/Coating
      • Paint booth for high quality finish
    • Purchasing
      • Parts sourcing
    • Assembly
      • Testing
      • Custom building/re-building of anything from components to complete machines

    Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen Association Wood Component Manufacturers Association National Wood Flooring Association