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    FSP-EF StripMaster Pre-Surfacer

    The HASKO FSP-EF Strip Master adds speed and accuracy to flooring or moulding machine applications by pre-planing strips just before the flooring sidematcher and is designed to install directly inline. The wood can be evenly sized top and bottom and without adding labor.


    The HASKO FSP-EF can be mounted in tandem with the primary machine and is ideal for strip flooring, truck flooring, lineal mouldings, frame stock, dimension stock, stacking sticks and more.


    • Clear jams in one minute or less
    • Fits into limited space or an existing line
    • Inverter brakes and guard interlocks
    • Easily adjusts to speed of primary machine
    • Exclusive Quick-ClearTM to stop/open/clear/return/run in a minute or less
    • No additional operator required if mounted in-line
    • Infinitely variable hydraulic feed rate
    • Pneumatic upper feed roll lift
    • Insert for indexable carbide tooling
    • Capable of taking very heavy cuts
    • Extends tool life on the primary machine
    • Greatly enhances finish and tolerance
    • Shares common parts with HASKO FSM MatchMasterTM
    • Built-in jointers to restore knife edges
    • Compact design, minimal footprint
    • Machines can be configured for speeds up to 600 feet/minute.
    • Touch-screen controls with diagnostics and runtime reporting


    • Thickness and Width: 3” x 6” standard up to 10” optional
    • Bottom Head HP: Standard 40 HP optional to 50HP
    • Top Head: Standard 50HP optional to 75HP
    • Feed Rolls: 10″
    • Feed Drive: (Four) 5 HP direct drive top and bottom infeed rolls. (FXP) Model has (One) top and (One) bottom additional outfeed rolls.
    • Speed range: 150 to 600 feet per minute



    Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen Association Wood Component Manufacturers Association National Wood Flooring Association