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MPEM-TF for Truck Flooring

Adding the HASKO MPEM-TF End-Matching System to truck-flooring manufacturing lines greatly improves throughput and quality reducing labor. That’s why the top performing truck-flooring lines in North America run the HASKO MPEM-TF System.

The Hasko Advantage End Matcher Buyer’s List


The HASKO MPEM-TF system is configured for end loading of truck flooring blanks in pre-defected condition. This configuration allows the material to be end loaded with enough space for up to (2-3) people to insure proper orientation of the blanks before the even end station.

This machine is the leader for efficient runtime and maintained accuracy in automated truck flooring manufacturing.


  • Specially configured for truck-flooring profiles on solid and engineered wood products
  • A special hold-down system and pluggers assembly is specifically designed for narrow, tall-standing work pieces
  • Utilizes 3″ centered lug slots with lugs and bars on 3″ centers — optimizes the chain surface and slows down the surface speed while maintaining a high piece-rate production capacity and efficiency
  • Unmatched production runtime efficiency and maintained accuracy


  • Shaft Centers: 34′
  • Overall Length: 36′
  • Loading Space: 9′
  • Defect Space: N/A
  • First Even-End: Left
  • Even End Mat-Veyor: 36″
  • Cross Over Mat-Veyor: 36″
  • Exit Out: Left
  • Feed Drive HP: 15
  • Max. Lugs Per: 200
  • Roll Case /Mat-Veyor Drives: 2 HP Each

Conventional Hook Joints or S-Joints on Both Ends

  • Both units will have climb cut trim units that are used a combo trim and pre-cut for hook.
  • Both units will have a second spindle top or bottom as required for finished hook profile.
  • All spindle units are individually adjustable in X and Y directions for “On-The-Fly “adjustments.
  • All spindle motors are High Precision Perske motors with spindles configured for hydraulic tooling adaptors.
  • All spindles are inverter controlled and safety interlocked through PLC and touch pad operator.



“After installing our new Hasko MPEM-C, through put increased by 2k per shift. Yield increased by .5 % ,added ability to cut  9’’ boards (with a much better cut).  Out of square boards are a non-issue. Much better dust system in the cabinets.”

Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen Association Wood Component Manufacturers Association National Wood Flooring Association