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    SRMA Gang Rip with Shifting Saw

    The new Hasko SRMA ShiftMaster Gang Rip is a Heavy Duty, High-Speed Roll Feed Shifting Saw Gang Rip having approximately 18.75″ of usable saw area. A wide range of saw solutions can be obtained via the use of a Hydraulic Saw Positioning System. Saw solutions are determined based on customer specifications and inputs from Board Scanning Systems.

    The standard machine’s 3″ diameter double key arbor is powered by a 125 H.P. 3450 R.P.M. direct-coupled motor. A “Quick set” Hydro-sleeve outboard bearing assembly provides support at end of arbor. Arbor braking is achieved through the use of an air actuated disc and dual caliper braking system.


    Designed for high-volume ripping of strip and plank flooring, truck flooring, lineal moulding, frame stock, dimension stock, stacking sticks and more, the SRMA Shifting Saw Gang Rip is good for kiln-dried hardwoods and woods of all species.


    • The SRMA saw has improved access due to cantilevered design.
    • Improved Roll access
    • Top Arbor with climb cut saw rotation for higher feed rates and enhanced saw life
    • 30” wide arbor with 18” saw space
    • Improved feed-drive system and lowered maintenance cost
    • Heavier construction in all areas of the machines design
    • Safety and sound enclosure
    • Up to (5) moving saws available with “Shrink feature” to capture yield on narrow board combinations
    • Faster feed rates and variable controls utilizes load sensing for slow down as required for heavy cuts
    • Quick clear out Feature (Less down time to clear broken wood)
    • Faster saw / tooling changes via quick disconnect system on saw collars
    • Hydro-sleeve mounted outboard bearing unit with swing away boom for fast and accurate positioning
    • 16,500 pounds of solid structure and simple design
    • New sectional chip-breaker hold-down improves saw life


    • Chain-bed feed replaces rolls for special glue-line applications
    • HASKAN board-scanning and material-handling equipment is available
    • Board-edging unit for hogging edgings at the ripsaw


    • Arbor Motor (Direct Coupled by Lovejoy Sure Flex): 75 H.P. 3450 RPM Std. (100, 125, and 150 H.P. Opt)
    • Arbor Braking System: Disc and Caliper, Air Actuated & Via E-Stop
    • Feed Drive Motors: (2) 20 H.P. TEFC Sew EuroDrive Gear Units
    • Electrical Panel: NEMA Standards, Free Standing
    • System Electrical Requirements: 460 Volt-60 Cycle-3 Phase Standard (Others Optional)
    • Number of Powered Feed Rolls: Four, 8″ Diameter, Chrome Plated and Knurled
    • Feed Roll Power Transmission: One Infeed and One Outfeed 20 H.P. Sew Euro-Drive
    • Upper Feed Roll Tensioning: Pneumatic, With Interlock to Prevent Raising Arbor
    • Feed Speed: 150 – 550 FPM (Standard)
    • Number of Shifting Saw Mechanisms: Up to Five
    • Type of Actuator: Hydraulic Cylinder
    • Actuator Drive Type: Bosch Rexroth 40 HP HYD Unit
    • Type of Feedback: Internal SSI and Delta RMC 150 Controller
    • Saw Re-Positioning Accuracy: +/- .010
    • Saw Size: 14″ O.D. x 4″ Bore W / Six Bolt Pattern
    • Smallest Rip Between Saws (OPT-1.875”): .750” between one and two; all others 2.370”
    • Saw Spacers: 5-1/8″ Bore x 8″ O.D.
    • Thickness: 1/2″ 1-1/34″
    • Shortest Material: 36″
    • Useable Saw Space: 27″ inside saw to outside saw
    • Narrowest Rip between saw 1 & 2: .750″
    • Narrowest Rip between saw 2 – 8: 2.370” ; Optional: 1.875”
    • Widest Board Width that will pass through machine: 15″
    • Estimated Weight (Less Hydraulic Unit): 16,500
    • Machine Area (Length x Width x Height): 78″ L X 113″ W X 70″ H
    • Foot Print (Length x Width): 56″ x 96″
    • Bed Line: 36″



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