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    HSLF High Speed Lateral-To-Lineal Feed System

    The HSLF Feed System is a profit-pushing solution for improved side-matcher throughput and overall product enhancement. The HASKO HSLF feeder offers many advantages over conventional, manually fed pineapple feeders. Instead of a human operator, the HSLF controls the wood and organizes the pieces for feeding. HASKO has many years of experience at handling materials of random lengths at very high feed rates.


    The new, technologically advanced, high-speed lateral-to-lineal feeding system offers continuous, automatic feeding of random length strips or block material to side-matchers or moulders. It feeds material as short as 10″ at variable feed rates to either 400 or 600 lineal feet per minute, keeping the operator’s focus on grade and yield rather than feeding.


    • Unequaled performance on random length and/or short block material
    • Improves grade by freeing operator to inspect for best face
    • Improves side matcher throughput by minimizing gaps
    • Inverter controlled, infinitely variable feed rates to 600 FPM
    • Enhances operator safety by placing him in a remote area away from pinch-point hazards
    • Utilizes unique HastrakTM lateral feed system with positive top-and-bottom acceleration
    • Incorporates HASKO Quick-ClearTM jam-freeing technology on hold-down assembly
    • Automatic hold-down compensated for side-by-side board thickness variations
    • Adjustable hold-down assembly “to” and “from” pineapple roll for precise positioning
    • Adjustable motorized chain-board guide ensures smooth transition to lineal feed system
    • Better uptime than the competition
    • Reduces waste
    • Improves efficiency and productivity
    • Increases yield


    • Optional accumulation table with automatic and/or manual transition to feeder
    • Optional feed systems are available for automated lines with pre-scanned face or multiple row feeders for pre-graded and pre-turned face




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