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    HSSS Strip and Scrap Saws

    Automatic In-Line Strip and Scrap Chopper

    The HASKO HSSS cuts scrap-handling down to size for a simple, economical solution to an age-old problem. This machine reduces long edgings, shims, and other rippings into a manageable size to eliminate labor and a variety of handling problems.


    Developed for fully automatic in-line strip and scrap chopper, the HASKO HSSS reduces rippings, edgings and other long scrap.


    • Uses less horsepower than a hog- or scrap-grinder
    • Overall dimensions: 45″ wide x 47″ deep x 80″ high
    • Approximate weight: 1,500 lbs
    • Minimal increase in plant decibel level, with no banging or pounding like in “home-built” units
    • Bottom-free falling discharge prevents jamming or material bridging
    • Simple and effective clamp-and-cut mechanism
    • Maintenance-friendly design
    • HASKO-tough for years of endurance
    • Built-in controls, access panels and dust chute
    • Makes 45 automatic cuts per minute
    • Compact design


    • Maximum thickness up to 4”
    • Maximum width up to 8”
    • Maximum length of infeed material – endless
    • Chopped length adustable by conveyor speed and belt traction ~ 16” standard
    • Cuts per minute: 45/min preset (cam actuation)
    • Feed rate: 60-70 FPM
    • Weight: 1,750 pounds
    • Floor Space: 54” wide x 50” deep x 84” high
    Horsepower & Electrical
    • Saw Arbor: 10 HP
    • Stroke: 2 HP to double shaft gear box
    • Infeed Roll: 1 HP gear box (belt conveyor optional)
    • Panel: NEMA standards, mounted
    • Controls: 110 volt start/stop
    Feed System
    • Bottom infeed roll: 8” diameter, lagged
    • Roll drive: 1 HP gear box
    • Feed rate: 60-70 FPM standard (preset to customer specs)
    • Clamping: 7 spring-loaded plungers
    General Specifications
    • Arbor size: 1 1/4” threaded, double bearing
    • Saw size: 16”
    • Infeed opening: 8” w x 6” h
    • Bedline height: 28” (standard)
    • Discharge opening: 14 1/4” x 28” (bottom standard)
    • Rear discharge (optional)
    • Dust chute: 8” top, via internal baffles



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