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    HSSB High-Speed Side Beveler

    High Speed Beveling Machine

    (U.S. Patent No. 7,070,370)

    This machine was designed for machining a face-edge bevel or micro-bevel on unfinished square-edge strip flooring. Its unique, high-speed, opposed-head configuration maintains consistently accurate bevels on typically twisted and bowed strip flooring. Its stand-alone design enables manufacturers to upgrade previously designated inventories of unfinished square-edged strip without disrupting production in a minimal amount of floor space.


    The HSSB enables manufacturers to upgrade inventory of unfinished square-edge strip flooring by machining a face-edge bevel or micro-bevel and adjusts from 2-1/4″ to 5-1/4″ face width.


    • This patented machine provides a “facelift” that will dramatically increase the value of inventoried square-edged flooring
    • Equipped with high-speed, 17,000 RPM opposed spindles with a solid-state inverter drive
    • Configured to reference face and face-edge of flooring to provide consistent and accurate bevels
    • Variable, high-production range of 100 to 200 lineal feet per minute via inverter drive
    • Touch-screen operator’s pedestal and motor control panel
    • Efficiently prepares stock for pre-finishing
    • Stand-alone design maximizes floor space


    • An optional material-handling system is available for breaking down nested bundles


    Hasko Model HSSB High Speed Beveling Machine (U.S. Patent No. 7,070,370) for Strip Flooring. This Machine was designed for those that wish to machine a “face edge” bevel or micro-bevel on unfinished “square edge” strip flooring. Typically this beveled product would be run through a finish line as beveled pre-finished flooring. This machine allows manufactures to re-run flooring from inventory that was previously designated as unfinished flooring stock. The Hasko HSSB incorporates a unique, high-speed opposed head configuration that references the face and face-edge of flooring. This design provides for very consistent and accurate bevel and micro-bevel machining on typically twisted and bowed strip flooring.


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