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    PF MPEM-C LP (Locking Profile)

    The HASKO PF MPEM C Locking-Position End-Matching System offers industry-leading production runtime efficiency and maintained accuracy and is run by the top performing flooring lines in North America.

    The Hasko Advantage End Matcher Buyer’s List


    The HASKO PF MPEM C utilizes a non-marking hold-down system and is specifically configured for the end-matching of pre-finished solid and engineered wood products. These systems are used for primary end-matching and to re-work systems after finishing.


    • The MPEM-C-O Open series allows for operator inline defecting

    • Standard with 6” pitch chain with lug slots on 3” centers

    • Lugs can be installed on 6”, 9” and 12” centers depending on width requirements

    • All spindles are inverter controlled

    • Non-Marking hold-down reference face

    • Fast easy adjustments with “On the fly” adjustments without shutdown.

    • Optional automatic lug loading

    • Optional automatic lug un-loading


    • Available with locking-end and short-side profiles and pushdown locking ends
    • Automatic lug-loading and automatic unloading
    • Available with multiple-spindle configurations for standard T&G and interlocking profiles


    • Standard with 6” pitch chain with lug slots on 3” centers
    • Lugs can be installed



    “The End Matchers are our first purchase from you, and they are the best machines we have in the entire plant. They are well built, accurate, user friendly, and trouble free.”

    Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen Association Wood Component Manufacturers Association National Wood Flooring Association