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PF MPEM-C LP (Locking Profile)

The HASKO PF MPEM C Locking-Position End-Matching System offers industry-leading production runtime efficiency and maintained accuracy and is run by the top performing flooring lines in North America.

The Hasko Advantage End Matcher Buyer’s List


The HASKO PF MPEM C utilizes a non-marking hold-down system and is specifically configured for the end-matching of pre-finished solid and engineered wood products. These systems are used for primary end-matching and to re-work systems after finishing.


  • The MPEM-C-O Open series allows for operator inline defecting

  • Standard with 6” pitch chain with lug slots on 3” centers

  • Lugs can be installed on 6”, 9” and 12” centers depending on width requirements

  • All spindles are inverter controlled

  • Non-Marking hold-down reference face

  • Fast easy adjustments with “On the fly” adjustments without shutdown.

  • Optional automatic lug loading

  • Optional automatic lug un-loading


  • Available with locking-end and short-side profiles and pushdown locking ends
  • Automatic lug-loading and automatic unloading
  • Available with multiple-spindle configurations for standard T&G and interlocking profiles


  • Standard with 6” pitch chain with lug slots on 3” centers
  • Lugs can be installed



“…your End Matcher chain has never had a problem at all…while chain on the other machine requires regular maintenance and replacement.”

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