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    GNS Grading and Nesting

    HASKO Grading and Nesting Systems are designed to create a modern, less labor-intensive method of handling the flow of strip and plank flooring as it exits the end-matching system, as well as the grading, nesting, and shipping of the final product. Through automation and a touch-screen interface, a single station possesses sufficient capacity to grade, nest, and record an abundance of data for about 5,000 square feet of random-length flooring per shift. Depending upon the production rate and configuration of the GNS system, labor reductions of 3 to 15 people are possible.

    The number of stations is custom-designed according to plant output goals. Systems range from three to ten stations with automatic strapping and automatic bundle stacking.


    With one operator, the HASKO GNS System can grade, nest, and tally random-length, solid or engineered plank flooring in excess of 500 square feet per hour, per station.


    • This proven semi-automatic system grades, nests, straps, and packages solid-wood flooring. Systems are also available for both solid and engineered pre-finishing lines
    • Innovative board distributor delivers balanced flow to each sort station
    • Minimizes physical stress on the operator while enhancing concentration
    • Adaptable to most end-matching systems
    • Independent-station touch-screen reporting and accountability
    • Available in a wide selection of individual and system production reports
    • Designed for 3 or 4 grades per station with 20 sq. ft, random-length bundles
    • Automated, ergonomic stations for random-length strip and plank flooring
    • Labor-saving grading and nesting system
    • Typically designed in 3 to 10 station configurations
    • Automatic strapping and palletizing



    • Stations available: 3, 4, 5, or 6
    • Grades per station: 3 or 4
    • Packaging: 20 sq. ft. stacks

    Station Capacity

    • Sorting and grading: Typical levels of 5000 sq. ft. per station, per shift
    • Maximum width: 6″ standard
    • Maximum length: 8′ standard
    • Other options available



    Coming soon.

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