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    HSFF Feed Table (Also see the new Hasko HSLF )

    The HASKO HSFF is a 2” x 6.5” standard, up to 10” capacity, high-speed, short-stock, electrically driven feed table for continuous feeding of random length strips to matchers and moulders.


    Designed for high-speed random length lineal feeding, the HASKO HSFF is ideal for flooring machines, moulders and special applications. It can singulate a mix of short, long, and random length material, operating at feed speeds up to 350 lineal feet per minute (with a maximum speed of 550 FPM) or optionally to 550 FPM (with a maximum speed of 750 FPM).


    • The roll deck is 18″ wide (27″ optional) by either 7′ or 11′ long in front of the pineapple, depending on the short or long version
    • The pineapple and top hurry-up rolls are air-tensioned and raised via quick release valve for easy clearing
    • All electrical and pneumatic controls are mounted up front for easy access
    • Electric drive with infinitely variable speeds



    HASKO Electric Feed Upgrade


    • Quieter and cleaner to operate and maintain
    • Greater dependability and uptime since the system does not depend on a single pump or pump motor
    • No hydraulic system to maintain, with no cooling unit heat exchanger discharge
    • Increases annual energy savings with a total of 9 HP required, compared to the standard 15 HP and 30 HP hydraulic power units
    • Maintains higher torque and improved operating efficiency at both higher and lower feed speeds
    • Improved speed control and accuracy
    • Increases efficiency and uptime by an estimated 2% annually

    This Electric Feed Upgrade Package Includes:

    • Three inverter-controlled gear motors
    • Three complete shaft-drive assemblies with bearings and telescoping universal joints
    • One bottom driveshaft with chain-tensioner assembly
    • One main control cabinet (MCC)
    • Heavy-duty mounting framework and safety guards
    • Onsite installation labor (does not include travel, mileage, and per-diem/lodging)

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