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    Hasko designs and manufactures robust, productive and efficient woodworking equipment, both standard models and custom machines that give our customers a competitive advantage through designs that improve uptime, labor content, and throughput.

    Hasko grew up as a reseller of used woodworking equipment. We saw how the equipment used to be built and improved on it with the implementation of modern technology, but we always kept in mind that the reason that the old equipment stayed in service so long was that it was “heavy built”. Hasko equipment is modern, efficient equipment that can handle anything that your mill can throw at it—and continue to do the job for years, because everything we make is “heavy built”. As a result, many of our early machines are still in service even after 25 years.

    We have a key partnership that enhances our ability to provide our customers with turn-key solutions to their wood product manufacturing requirements. Mekanika works with Hasko to provide high speed, highly automated material handling solutions. They have been in business since 1964 and have a wealth of experience in handling wood products. You can learn more about them here.

    HASKO specializes in designing and constructing heavy-built machines for the following industries:

    • Solid, engineered and truck flooring
    • Laminated beams
    • General woodworking
    • Dimensional wood and furniture
    • Moulding
    • Ripped products and lumber
    • Optimization, defect scanning, and chopping
    • Material handling and automation




    Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen Association Wood Component Manufacturers Association National Wood Flooring Association