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“…we usually expect a normal amount of start-up problems with any new piece of equipment…however, we were pleasantly surprised when the…was put into operation without any problems. In addition it was delivered as promised and at the agreed upon price”.

“We were all very impressed with the knowledge of your field technicians…a joy to work with…we salute your entire organization!”

“We ripped 88,000 board feet through it yesterday in one shift…10 hours!”

“I am pleased to say that the service I received from you and your company was outstanding. I am completely satisfied with the performance and quality of the …planer. It is everything that you said it would be.”

“You guys have cornered the end matcher market.”

“…replaced FOUR of the popular dip chain machines with only two of the HASKO SR-24’s…and still increased production!”

“Your assistance has been most appreciated and has made doing business with Haskew a pleasurable experience.”

“The End Matchers are our first purchase from you, and they are the best machines we have in the entire plant. They are well built, accurate, user friendly, and trouble free.”

“The yield improvement has been dramatic. I was well aware of the losses we were experiencing with our previous system but I was not certain how much it would translate into a footage gain due to the estimated footage from nesting. So far we are seeing about a 4% increase in yield from blanks.”

Larry Cox
Production Manager
Middle TN Lumber

Week two after installation of new MPEM

“…we have set 4 company records…running hard Maple…within the first several weeks since installing the HASKO FSM.”

“I’m proud of this whole line and the products coming off of it.”

“We recently installed an electric feed upgrade FSM Side Matcher & Feed table. The owner Wesley Weaver (Oakcrest Lumber) called to report that they are now producing 3000-3200 more square feet per shift at the same feed rate due to more consistent flow with less hang-ups and jams. This adds up to significantly more sales dollars per shift,  not to mention reduced maintenance and hydraulic cost and energy savings. In some installations, payback can be attained in as little as 6 months.”

“…reached a 50-year record high of 222,000 lineal feet of flooring in 10 hours after only the SECOND WEEK of operation.”

“…our daily output is UP 20% over the former Woods 502M!”

“I would also like to compliment you all on your machine manual. The parts lists and diagrams are very clear and easy to read. I have stacks of manuals in the parts room, and only one other company I know of comes close to the Hasko manual. So, thanks for making stuff easy to find on the drawings.”


Don Christian
Parts Room Attendant/Purchasing
Havco Wood Products LLC


“…we have the utmost of confidence in your company…and the highest compliments concerning the people we have worked with…”

“…have previously operated two Waco’s…MatchMaster has less jams…easier to clear jams when they do occur…tolerance is excellent…finish is “slick”…consistently better side match…”

“…will continue to do business with you because we feel that your company has the follow up and integrity that we can count on at all times. Thanks again for all your help!”

“We have been running our planer for about a year now and I could not be happier…the rebuilt planer turned out better than a new machine, for a lot less money. And, most importantly, was the training received when we went to Chattanooga.”

“We were introduced to Hasko 6 years ago when we needed some machine work performed that demanded precise tolerances – more than our tooling and equipment were capable of. Hasko has always been able
to meet our needs and expectations with outstanding service and on time delivery of exceptional quality parts at a competitive price.”
“Our company counts on Hasko Inc. for cost effective, quick delivery of precision machined parts. They are easy to work with, eager to do whatever is needed to take care of business, very quality conscious, and most importantly they are true to their word. They are very professional and a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.”

“…we would not have made it to this point without all the support from friends like you…”

“We have been running the HSRF for less than two weeks and ALREADY we are getting 4 more boards per minute through it than the folks at HASKO promised…..and we believe we can gain 4 or 5 more when we get it tweaked in.”

“…your End Matcher chain has never had a problem at all…while chain on the other machine requires regular maintenance and replacement.”

“…overall yield is 10% higher…and there is a dramatic improvement in quality…our salesmen have it easy…”

“After installing our new Hasko MPEM-C, through put increased by 2k per shift. Yield increased by .5 % ,added ability to cut  9’’ boards (with a much better cut).  Out of square boards are a non-issue. Much better dust system in the cabinets.”

“I would like to express our appreciation for the commitment to turning out a quality product and standing behind what you sell.”

“…handles miscut lumber with ease…good lumber simply glides through it…”

After installing our new Hasko MPEM-C, through put increased by 2k per shift. Yield increased by .5 % ,added ability to cut  9’’ boards (with a much better cut). Out of square boards are a non-issue. Much better dust system in the cabinets.

Roger Isaacs
SFL Production Manager
Armstrong Wood Products

“It’s everything you said it was…and more!”

“…squareness has NEVER, EVER been an issue…your end matchers are dead-on each and every day!”

“I want to thank you very much for the prompt attention that you gave us…a great favor…and it is very much appreciated.”

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