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    FSM Feed Upgrade

    FSM Feed UpgradeHasko is offering a tried and true, dependable upgrade that has been successfully implemented on many of Hasko’s early model FSM’s.  Moving to an all electric feed system will alleviate the issues associated with running and maintaining a large, hydraulic system while, at the same time, catapulting your machine into the 21st century with a consistent, reliable, electrically driven feed system.

    When you upgrade to the modern, electrically driven feed system, your machine will also be transformed with an updated HMI and new PLC which will provide you the capability to both quickly manage and display your actual, consistent feed rates on your new infeed and outfeed drives, as well as an accurate, consistent measurement of your linear throughput out of your FSM on each shift. The updated operator interface will also notify your staff of items that require their attention with  thorough, easy to understand alarms and diagnostics for the new feed system, along with a new alarm history page to assist with on-site and remote troubleshooting of your FSM system.

    This proven investment will add significant value to any of Hasko’s older FSM sidematchers and transform it into a machine that will be:  less expensive and easier to maintain; clean up after; and all the while providing a more productive platform for your milling operation moving forward.

    Here is a sampling of the benefits you can expect from an Electric Feed Upgrade to your Hasko FSM Sidematcher:

    • FeaturesFSM Feed Upgrade
      • Eliminates large, hydraulic system used for feed rollers on the infeed and outfeed
      • Safe, self-centering hydraulic valves that hold positions when power is removed
      • Drives networked with a new PLC for easier troubleshooting and response
      • Upgrade or reprogram the HMI to present better alarm list and history for entire system
      • Upgrade or addition of linear counter to measure linear throughput
      • Drive speed controllable and monitored from HMI and most importantly, the drive speed is consistent because it eliminates the surging you experience with a hydraulic system.
    • Additional Feature Options
      • Fixed after-cut shoes are replaced with adjustable after-cut shoes
      • Main guide is keyed maintain alignment when the machine experience a hard jam.
      • Housing do not need to be removed to replace wear surface
      • Infeed hold-over guide pneumatics added—with push button control
      • Safety-locking front doors with gas springs to hold doors open
      • Safety-locking side-head guards
      • Zero-speed sensors to make sure guards can’t be opened with heads moving
      • Safe, self-centering pneumatic valves that hold positions when power is removed
      • Oil-mist lubrication system for top, bottom, and hollowback spindles
      • Crane system for safe top-head removal and installation
    • BenefitsFSM Feed Upgrade
      • Electricity savings from removing large hydraulic system
      • Hydraulic upkeep and cost in fluid and maintenance removed from operation
      • Noise reduction–boards don’t knock together as roughly because the electric feed eliminates the surging that you can see with a hydraulic system
      • Quality of cut and finish better due to reliable, consistent feed-speed
      • More throughput as a result of consistent, maintained feed-speed
      • Does not have to warm up hydraulic system in cold months which can lead to adjustments as machine comes to operating temperature after each start-up
      • Less cleaning required without large hydraulic system in operation
    • Potential issues you may experience by not upgrading
      • Availability of spare parts could be limited
      • More wear and tear on machine parts/components due to fluctuation in feed-speed
      • Continued hydraulic fluid disposal, purchasing, clean up, and charge for removal
      • Possible milling issues when boards are fed at inconsistent speeds through your machine
      • Unnecessary adjustments may have to be made as hydraulic system warms up

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    Please contact Hasko today if there is any additional information our capable and experienced staff can provide on this upgrade.  423-648-5200

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