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HASKAN Patented Ultra-Sonic Technology

The HASKAN Ultra Scanner provides the ultimate in quality control assurance. It accurately analyzes boards for defects, while the dual chop saw cuts lineal boards and strips to length for grade optimization.

Three Scanning Technologies for Ultimate Efficiency

  1. Haskan’s exclusive Patent Pending Dual Sensor Non-Contact Ultrasonic analysis
  2. Top and Bottom True* Vision Imaging
  3. Top and Bottom Hi-Resolution 3D Laser Profiling

This powerful combination of technologies facilitates accurate and consistent identification of internal and external defects in planed or un-planed boards or ripped strips so that your plant can operate with ultimate efficiency, optimize grade and maximize yield.

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The HASKAN Ultra Scanner minimizes chopping, maintains long lengths and maximizes grade yield by determining the feeding side matcher’s best-face/best-edge orientation. It also automates the gross defecting process for best-face/ best-edge optimization and throughput yield.


  • Eliminates required pre-planing
  • Provides a best-face/best-edge marking option for side matcher feed orientation
  • Generates higher productivity than cut-all-first systems
  • Promotes better plant flow and efficiency by keeping yield long and piece-count low
  • Performs high-resolution top and bottom 3D laser profiling
  • Analyzes internal/external defects, splits, shake, rot, knots, pockets and voids with triangulated dualsensor, non-contact ultrasonic imaging
  • Enables character grading and confirms the soundness of knots
  • Differentiates splits, cracks, stain, marks and knots
  • Identifies and analyzes knots, holes, wane, split, shake, twist, bow, cup, stain shape and dimension
  • Maximizes yield/value and production
  • Optimizes best-face/best-edge orientation
  • Provides optional printing for grade and/or best-face/best-edge feeding direction
  • Displays board shape, ultrasonic signature, defects, cut marks and flow
  • Defines user parameters for all sensors for depiction, cut decisions, grade decisions, and production
  • Customizes grade, character, dimension and species with a quick changeover setup
  • Writes robust, database-compliant reports
  • Remote system troubleshooting via internet
  • Delivers stable scanning via Vee-cradled feed works and design


  • Incorporates top and bottom True*Image color or monochrome camera vision technology
  • Works with 7” x 2” capacity rough or surfaced, moulded or planed, hardwood or softwood material
  • Scans at speeds up to 700 lineal feet per minute
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art controller with multiple processors



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